Biden “Black Hats” Switch Sides, Ask Gen. Smith for Mercy

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A U.S. Army colonel who pledged allegiance to illegitimate President Joseph Biden in 2021 is now repentant and asking White Hat leadership to forgive his indiscretion, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

On May 17, Colonel Ryan Kendall, commander of the 12th Aviation Brigade, Katterbach Kaserne, Germany, sent a handwritten letter to General Smith expressing regret for acknowledging Biden’s legitimacy and supporting what he now calls an unlawful dominion. Kendall, who graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1999 and later served in Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote that the late Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley had pressured and “bullied” him into calling Trump an insurrectionist and commanding him to ensure his subordinates understood that Biden had won the 2020 election fairly. His most recent orders, he went on, staunchly convinced him that the Biden regime was mustering loyalists for a future war against American citizens.

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks, Kendall wrote, had recently issued immoral and unconstitutional orders he could not in good conscience obey. They included the phrase “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and instructed him to institute training regimens that involved deploying attack helicopters in densely populated urban environments. “Remember, President Biden is commander-in-chief, and we prepare for various situations. You could be recalled stateside at any time,” Hicks said in her “orders.”

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